CHBA 2023 Fall Centennial Band Sign Up

CHBA – Fall 2023 Registration @ Centennial

CHBA – Fall 2023 Registration @ Centennial

This Registration is for the Centennial. 6400 S University Blvd, Centennial, 80121

CHBA Mission Statement: To provide an inclusive instrumental music program that promotes youth development, fosters peer camaraderie, instills respect for culture, and develops a pursuit of excellence.

Fall Session Overview

This form is for our fall session at our Centennial Location. 6400 S University Blvd.

September 13 to January 21. Wednesday Rehearsals.

We offer Beginning Band and Intermediate Band at Centennial.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We must meet a minimum enrollment threshold for each band. We will contact you the week of September 4 to let you know the registration status. If we do not hold classes for the band you signed up for, your tuition will be refunded, or better yet; you can join us on Mondays at our 216 S Grant St location.

Tuition for Beginning Band is $268 and includes materials.

Tuition for Intermediate Band is $345.

Pay your tuition with a credit card when you submit this form or save the service charge and select pay by check and bring a check to the office or send a check to your teacher at Centennial.

Class Schedule – Fall Session
Beginning Band: 5:00 to 6:00 pm
Intermediate Band: 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm

If you have any questions about the Fall Session at Centennial, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Stephen Martin
CHBA Program Director

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