Our unique curriculum provides a framework for musical learning and achievement for students ages 10-18 at all skill levels.  Beginners start in our elementary band classes and progress through our curriculum levels according to skill level, not age.

Curriculum Levels

Our curriculum is divided into five levels (plus two honors levels). The levels correspond with our four bands, the highest band spanning Levels 4-5. Over time, as students complete the curriculum requirements at each level, they progressively advance from one band to the next. Because our bands represent diverse skill levels from beginning-level students in elementary and middle school to advanced high school musicians, our program provides students with the opportunity to grow and thrive and be challenged no matter what their ability level.

SpringConcert-5232Students are required to earn faculty approval on each curriculum requirement. They have the opportunity to do so in weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with CHBA faculty. Because each student receives individualized feedback and coaching to help them master each requirement, they progress through the curriculum at their own pace. This structure helps students learn to strive for excellence and teaches them how to be self-directed learners.

Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum requirements at each level span a wide range of level-appropriate skills, techniques, and knowledge for each instrument group. Topics covered include:

  • Breath control
  • Tone production
  • Articulation
  • Music theory
  • Musical symbols and terminology
  • Scale and arpeggio memorization
  • Technique exercises and etudes
  • Trills and ornamentation
  • Percussion rudiments (percussion only)