How It Works

Features of Our Program

Our program provides a positive learning environment for students ages 9-18
to thrive musically and develop valuable life skills.  We offer:

Weekly Band Classes
Weekly One-On-One Coaching & Master Classes
Seasonal Public Performances
5-day Overnight Summer Camp
National and International Tours

Our Curriculum

Our year-round, multi-level curriculum is designed to guide a
beginning-level student from Day 1 through the mastery of an instrument upon
graduation from high school.

Students advance through our curriculum by demonstrating proficiency in a full
spectrum of musical competencies ranging from instrumental techniques
to music theory knowledge.

Our Ensembles

New students are placed in one of our four main ensembles according to
musical knowledge and skill level.

Level 1 Beginning Band, No experience required
Level 2 Intermediate Band, 1-3 years’ experience
Level 3 Advanced Band, 3-5 years’ experience
Level 4-5 Symphony Winds, 5 years’ experience


Classes & Locations

Multiple locations for beginning and intermediate level students makes our program
accessible to a wide range of communities and creates small-group learning environments
which are ideal for less experienced students.

Centrally-located instruction for advanced-level students ensures that musicians develop
the enhanced performance skills that are essential for superior musicianship.

Cultivating Excellence

Families and students love CHBA because, in the words of one of our alumni, “CHBA is a great place to grow up.”  

Excel as a musician.

Have fun and make strong friendships.

Develop leadership skills.

Explore your world.

Join CHBA!

Our class schedule is designed to optimize students’ learning potential.

  • Personalized Coaching: Weekly master classes grouped by instrument and level ensure that advanced-level students get personalized coaching and feedback to help them perfect their techniques.
  • Small-Group Classes: Multiple class locations for beginning- and intermediate-level students makes our program accessible to a wide range of communities and creates small-group learning environments that are ideal for younger, less experienced students.
  • Full-Band Instruction: Weekly full-band instruction for advanced-level students ensures that they develop the enhanced performance skills as individuals and as a group that are essential for superior musicianship and ensemble cohesion.
  • Combined Levels: Combining our lower two bands and our upper two bands during the summertime provides the less experienced students the opportunity to play with more advanced musicians and be exposed to more advanced repertoire, and it provides the more advanced musicians the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the band.

Ready to Join? Which Statement Describes You?

I have no previous experience (or very little) on a band instrument.

  • Register by location on the home page Home Page.
  • New students accepted in the Fall.
  • No previous experience is required.
  • Need help deciding on an instrument? Learn more about the Instruments We Teach. You may also inquire about our instrument demo nights (held in August), or call Kolacny Music at 303.722.6081 to schedule a demo any time of year.

I have at least one year’s experience on a band instrument.

  • Register by location on the Home page.
  • New students accepted year-round.
  • You may guess which of Our Bands you think you belong in on the registration form. On your first day you will audition for official level placement.