2013, Honor Band, Spring (635)Bassoon Lessons in Denver

Colorado Honor Band offers bassoon lessons in Denver.  Our after school music program provides weekly one-on-one coaching and band classes, seasonal public performances, a yearly summer camp, and national and international travel opportunities.

Bassoon General Information

The Bassoon is a woodwind instrument and, unlike the clarinet or saxophone, is a member of the double-reed family. Double reed instruments are different because their mouthpieces are constructed entirely from two pieces of cane that are tied together.

The bassoon is a bass instrument and usually plays rhythmic and supporting chords and harmony in the band. The bassoon has a large range. It can play notes below the bass clef and reach to the top of the treble clef. It is a versatile instrument being able to play classical as well as jazz!

BassoonBassoon Reeds

Most bassoon players will eventually learn from their teachers how to make reeds. Reed making is life-long learning experience by the increasing knowledge of how to get better results in quality and getting faster at assembly and finishing a reed. Until the time of learning how to make their own, a student usually will buy reeds from their teacher or sometimes have success finding adequate ones from a music store.

Famous Classical Bassoonists in the United States:

  • Bernard Garfield
  • Sol Schoenbach
  • Arthur Weisberg
  • Judith LeClair
  • Hugo Fox
  • David McGill
  • Willard Elliot
  • Frank Morelli
  • Loren Glickman
  • Mark Popkin

Famous Jazz Bassoonists

  • Paul Hanson
  • Mike Rabinowitz
  • Daniel Smith
  • Alexandre Silverio

Famous Bassoon Solos with Orchestra, Piano or Unaccompanied:

  • Concerto by Mozart
  • Concerto by Weber
  • Sonata by Saint-Saens
  • Romance by Elgar
  • Concerto by Hummel
  • Concertos by Vivaldi (many)
  • 16 Waltzes by Mignone
  • Andante e Rondo by Weber

Bassoon Videos

Aligi Voltan, Mozart’s Concerto for Bassoon

Bassoon Brothers Quartet, Oregon Art Beat

Alexandre Silverio and Jazz Quartet

Paul Hanson and Ariane Cap playing Jazz