Scrip Enrollment Information

  1. Log onto
  2. Go to the register button, top of page
  3. Click on Join a Scrip Program
  4. Put in the enrollment code: 7D94584318L13, click on register.
  5. Create a password by following their instructions, and then write it down for your information.
  6. Enter all of your account information and click on register
  7. Fill in your banking information. Presto Pay will deposit a small amount of money in your account to verify that your information is correct.
  8. In 48 hours you should be able to see if the deposits have been made (there will be 2 of them)
  9. Return to and Log in, top of page
  10. Type in the amount of the deposit without the decimal point
  11. Then GL Scrip Company will send you an email message that contains instruction and a unique approval code. Send an email to Anna Caldwell at and she will enter your code into the CHBA account information.

Great Lakes Scrip Company contracts with hundreds of retailers to sell their gift cards.  They, in turn, sell them to non-profit organizations, such as CHBA.  We buy these gift cards AT FACE VALUE and REDEEM THEM AT FACE VALUE.  Each retailer offers a certain percentage ‘rebate’ (from 2% to 16%).  This is where our earned money is collected into our individual accounts.  CHBA will be splitting the percentages earned in an 80-20 split.  Your individual account will receive 80%.  CHBA will receive 20% due to the shipping/handling costs of the cards and the banking expenses.

Contact Anna Caldwell at with any questions.

Your contribution will help us to continue to offer programming for all students, offer scholarships for those students who would not otherwise be able to participate and maintain high quality staff. Thank you in advance for your generosity.