Bill Thompson Legacy Fund

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2013, Honor Band, Spring (209)If you are passionate about the CHBA mission and program, please consider including CHBA in your estate planning.  When you become a legacy partner, you are pledging your commitment to helping ensure that this wonderful instrumental music programming for kids remains strong and vibrant for the benefit of generations to come.

Bill Thompson Legacy Fund

The Bill Thompson Legacy Fund honors individuals who are helping to build a strong future for Colorado Honor Band Association—and strong futures for the children we serve. You can remember Colorado Honor Band Association in your estate planning through a will, special gift, charitable gift annuity, life insurance policy, qualified retirement plan, or stock or real estate gift.

WilburThompson_Headshot (1)Bill Thompson, Founder of CHBA

When Bill Thompson first created the program that became Colorado Honor Band, he dreamed of making band available to all students who were “eager and interested” in music.

Bill’s first trumpet was so bad that he had to pull the keys back up every time he pushed them down, so he understood from an early age the price tag of playing an instrument. But as an adult he came to understand the never-ending personal payback of learning an instrument and playing in a band.

Your Generosity Means So Much

Thank you. Your generosity will enable us to continue to deliver the programming you love to future generations of children. Our students reap benefits that extend far beyond learning to read music and play an instrument. They develop teamwork and leadership skills, learn the value of striving for excellence, and make friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Above all, the CHBA program equips graduates with the skills they need to succeed as responsible individuals and citizens.

Be the air under our children’s wings. Plan your gift today.

Have You Made a Planned Gift?

Please let us know when you have included Colorado Honor Band Association in your estate planning. With your permission, we will include your name in our concert programs to celebrate your planned gift.

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