Colorado Honor Band Association’s mission is to provide an inclusive instrumental youth music program that fosters peer camaraderie, respect for culture and a pursuit of excellence.

What is “Donate Your Change?”

Like most non-profit organizations, Colorado Honor Band Association (CHBA) depends heavily on donations to fund our mission to provide excellent music education and performance opportunities to Denver area students. Tuition fees cover only about a third of our costs.
Donate Your Change is a web-based program which allows you to donate to the CHBA in very small amounts over time so that it easy on your budget, but makes a big difference to CHBA. You have control of the total amounts you donate.
You link one or more credit card, debit card, PayPal or checking account to your Donate Your Change account on-line. As you make transactions on the linked account, you agree to donate a rounded-up amount to CHBA. You set a roundup amount per transaction, and a daily limit. Once you reach the daily limit you have set, the roundup charges stop.
For example, you might set a $1.00 daily limit for all transactions per day, or $5.00 – your choice. At a $1.00 roundup limit, if you charge $10.75 on a credit or debit card, the rounded-up difference of $0.25 would be donated to CHBA. If the charge was $11.00, the rounded-up donation would be $1.00. As you initiate transactions during one day, the roundup amounts stop altogether for that day once you reach the daily limit you have set.
If you link a checking account, the same process applies. However, the roundup would apply to all transactions, including debit card charges, electronic transfers (paying your utility bill) and deposits. You set a limit for the roundup amount and daily total, and when the limit is reached the roundup stops for that day.
Once the donated roundup total reaches $10 or more, the aggregated donated amount is charged to your credit card or bank account, and will appear on your periodic account statement. The application will continue to aggregate your donations until another $10 is reached, and then charge your account.
You can start or stop the roundup donation at any time, and change your donation limits.
You must have previously set up your own online access to the referenced account with your bank. For example, by entering a user name and password at your bank’s website, you can view transaction data, billing, etc. You must give Donate Your Change access to this information in order to link to your bank account. You bank may send you an inquiry confirming your involvement in Donate Your Change.

How do I get started?

Go to the DonateYourChange.com website and click on the “Get Started” link.
• If you are a new donor, click on the “Create new account” link.
• Using the dropdown menu, select the organization you want to donate to. Select “Colorado Honor Band Association.”
• Enter your proposed email – user name and enter a new password for your roundup account.
• Enter your name, address, and phone number.
• Enter credit card, debit card, or bank account information.
• Enter the name of bank you wish to link for the donations and select the proper bank from the dropdown.
• Enter your user name and password of the account at the linked bank. Your accounts at this bank should be displayed. If you have more than one account at the bank, exclude those you do not want linked for round-up donations by checking the “exclude” box by the account name.
• During the set-up process, the system may text or call you with a security code. When the code is received, enter it to proceed.
• When you have signed up, Donate Your Change will send you a confirmation email.

What are the costs to sign up?

For a donor, there is no cost to sign up. The only cost to you are your donations to CHBA.

Are the roundup donations tax deductible?

Yes. Donations to the Colorado Honor Band Association are tax deductible.

Is my bank account information secure?

All bank account information is encrypted, as with any secure online banking transaction. The application has been integrated with the Finicity® database. No donor bank account information is stored on the Donate Your Change company server or by the organization receiving the donations.

Can I turn off or set limits on my roundups?

Yes, the donor has total control over how much to round up and can turn the app off and on at any time by setting the roundup limit to zero. You can delete your bank information at any time.

Can I see my roundups in real time?

Yes. The donor can see the bank transactions and associated roundup amounts in real time. The CHBA can also track each aggregate roundup donation made to them by their donors, but not where the roundup occurred.

How are the donations generated?

The donations are generated when a donor links a bank account/credit/debit card to the app from the DonateYourChange.com website and designates an approved organization to receive their roundup donations. Once linked, every transaction made with that linked account automatically rounds up to the nearest dollar. Everywhere your card is accepted, the roundups are generated. Every online transaction linked to the app also generates a roundup donation.

Can I select more than one bank account or credit card to make donations to CHBA?

Yes. The app can be linked to as many bank accounts as you own.

How do I know my donation goes to CHBA?

You will receive statements from the organization(s) you support that show the amount you donated through your Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving account. The frequency of these reports is solely dependent on the accounting practices of the receiving organization. CHBA expects to send these donation acknowledgements annually, after December 31.

I’m already writing a check to several organizations. Why should I give more?

This system is not meant to replace existing giving programs. By stewarding “loose change,” you participate with other roundup givers in creating a big impact for the CHBA.

Will my personal information be given to any other/third parties?

No. The amounts of your donations will be shared with CHBA. However, information about your spending habits and where you spend is not available to CHBA, is not stored, and is not sold to any outside agencies or parties.

Can I split my roundup between multiple organizations?

Not with a single roundup account. However, you many open as many roundup accounts as you like using different bank and or credit/debit card accounts. If, for example, you have four credit/debit cards and two bank accounts, you have potential for six roundup giving accounts.

What is the expected impact of the Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving program?

Per the Donate Your Change representative, the current average Donate Your Change roundup account yields $1.75 per day. A collective set of only 100 roundup accounts, a goal CHBA believes is achievable, yielding $1.00 per day could generate revenue of $36,500 per year, an amount that would make a huge difference in funding the operations of CHBA.

What kind of user experience can I expect?

Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving offers complete control. It’s a secure, convenient, flexible giving platform and you have complete control and opportunity for real-time review. We believe roundup users will appreciate the ease and overall impact for the CHBA.

Can I find the Donate Your Change app in the Apple® App Store or Google™ Play Store?

The Donate Your Change app is a web-based application. It’s free and always available online at donateyourchange.com. No download is necessary.

I need technical help

While sign-up is fairly simple, if you have technical questions, contact the Donate Your Change technical support staff at hkhelp@gmail.com.

For general information about Donate Your Change, contact the CHBA office at 303-778-6693.