Donate Your Change

Colorado Honor Band Association’s (CHBA) mission is to provide an inclusive instrumental youth music program that fosters peer camaraderie, respect for culture and a pursuit of excellence.

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Why should I consider rounding up for CHBA with Donate Your Change?

Tuition fees cover only a third of our costs. CHBA is dependent upon generous giving and steady donations to achieve our goal of providing excellent music education and performance opportunities to Denver area students.

What is “Donate Your Change?”

Donate Your Change is a secure web-based portal where individuals, including CHBA family members and alumni, can make small, self-determined tax-deductible recurring donations. The cumulative effect will have a significant impact on CHBA’s budget. For example, your donation of $1.00/day added to that of 499 of our other families/alumni would generate $182,500 annually.

How does it work?

After a simple sign-up process, you set a daily donation limit on any credit card, debit card, Paypal or checking account that you securely link to your “Donate Your Change” online account. As you make daily purchases for groceries, gas, or anything, you agree to donate a round-up amount to the next full dollar.  Once you reach the daily limit you have set, the round-up charges stop for that day. Once your round-up donations reach $10, you will see a charge to your primary linked account appearing on your statement as “Donate Your Change Resources (DYC Resources)”. You can start or stop the round-up donation at any time and change your donation limits. All donations are made through secure connections.

How do I sign up?

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