Solo Festival 2023

CHBA Solo & Small Ensemble Festival 2023

CHBA Solo & Small Ensemble Festival 2023

Presented by

The Colorado Honor Band Association
216 S Grant St, Denver CO 80209, 303-778-6693
Stephen Martin, Program Director

Hosted by
The Falcon Bluffs Middle School
Music Program,
Hanna Hann, Director
8449 S Garrison St, Littleton, CO 80128

Welcome to the Registration Page for the CHBA Solo & Small Ensemble Festival.

The following information should be read and understood before you submit your form. The information below will help with your planning and preparation. Granted, there is a lot of information here. You may click here to download this information in PDF format.

Important Notes about the Festival:

  • This festival is for performers (ages 10-18) with one year or more experience who want to perform a Solo or with a small group and receive a formal musical evaluation. Band students, Orchestra students and Percussionists are encouraged to participate.
  • Performance Time. You pick your performance time! (times are available on a first-come, first-served basis). Have a backup time ready. The sooner you register, the more likely your requested time will be available.
  • The names and instruments of your group, if applicable.
  • The name and number of your accompanist.
  • The name and number of your private teacher.
  • You must register for each soloist or group. If you are performing a solo and also with a group, that is two entries.
  • Entries must be paid for with a credit card when you submit your registration.
  • If you have questions, call the office at 303-778-6693 or email
  • There are no refunds.


What literature should I select?
The music for this festival should be from the “classical” world of music. Your music selection should be separate from movie theme music, show tunes, or jazz literature. There are many method books and solo literature options out there. CHBA has a good source of music as well. If you are still deciding what you should play, ask for assistance.

Does the Judge Need Original Music?
Yes. You will need to provide your Festival Judge with the original copy of the music you are performing. Performers may use a copy; the judge should have the original. If the piece is from an online source, you will need to verify whether the music was purchased or is allowed to be used in this setting by the composer.

How long should I perform?
Performances may range from 2 – 4 minutes, even less with beginner-level performers. The longer you perform, the less time you have for follow-up from your adjudicator.

Does my solo have to be accompanied by a piano?
No, however, pianos will be available, including the recording space. As an advanced performer, you should consider using an accompanist for your solo. We can help you find one if needed.

Does my solo have to be memorized?
Memorization is not required. However, memorisation is appropriate for more advanced performers.

Who will attend my performance?
Your private teacher, parents, and grandparents may want to attend, and maybe a friend or two. Only those you wish to attend will be in the room with you and the judge.

Should the judge have an original copy of the music?
Yes. Whatever your music source, you should provide the judge with an original. Performers can play from a copy. If you are using music from an online source, make sure you can tell us where you purchased or obtained the music. If you have any questions in this regard, please let us know.

Why should I consider the Recording Add-On?
The recording is an excellent tool to help you evaluate and appreciate your performance. The add-on is a high-end, 24-bit professional recording. Several years from now, it will be wonderful to revisit and listen again.

Will I receive a rating?
Yes, and they will not be posted publicly. You will receive an evaluation with comments on the judge’s sheet. And your adjudicator will follow up with you verbally. Again, keeping your program shorter allows for more interaction.

Will I receive a Medal based on my rating?
Yes, Superior and Excellent rated performances receive their medals at the festival based on their rating. All performers receive a Certificate of Participation.

Will there be food and snacks available?
There will be great food and snacks! Beyond the usual snacks and water, there will be coffee and a beautiful pancake breakfast available for purchase that will run for the festival’s duration.

Festival Details:

What: The Colorado Honor Band Association is holding its 2nd annual Solo & Small Ensemble Festival.

When:  Saturday, April 29, 2023, from 9 am to 4 pm. If the a room fills, we will open the times from 8 am to 9 am.

Where: Falcon Bluffs Middle School, 8449 S Garrison St, Littleton, 80128.

Cost: There are two tiers of pricing. Member pricing is for current students of CHBA. Non-Member pricing is for students not enrolled with CHBA for the Spring of 2023.

The entry fee includes a 15-minute performance and evaluation time slot. Verbal and written feedback from your adjudicator. Participation recognition and Medals for Excellent and Superior Performances.

Member Pricing

  • Solo – $25
  • Duets and Ensembles – $25 for the first performer; add $10 per additional performer. 
  • Professional Recording Add-on – $20

Non-Member Pricing

  • Solo & Duet – $30
  • Duets and Ensembles – $30 for the first performer; add $15 for each additional performer. 
  • Professional Recording Add-on – $25

Credit Card Payment is due when you submit your registration. Your registration is only complete once the payment is successfully processed.

There are no refunds.