Private Music Teachers List

flute soloWe provide this list of private music teachers as a service to members. We strongly encourage all students to consider taking private lessons. Although we do offer weekly one-on-one instruction, additional study with a private teacher is a very good idea for any serious student, and certainly for any student interested in Music Performance as a college or university major.

Below is a list of private music instructors that our students have used in the past. We invite you to use this list to find a great instructor who is a good fit for your student! If you would like their contact information, please reach out to our office.

Do you know of a great teacher who should be on this list?  Let us know!


Jayne Copland
CHBA Faculty
Brenda Reinicke
Amanda Moss
Susan Townsend
Rachelle Crowell


Michael Vigliotti
CHBA Faculty
Miriam Kapner


Michael Vigliotti
CHBA Faculty
Roger Soren
Michael Sundell


Heather Davis
CHBA Faculty
Dee Calfee
Ted Homan
Chuck Schneider
Andy Stevens
Kellan Toohey
Debra Wilbur
Elsbeth Williams


Max Bessesen
Mark Harris
Jeremy Wendelin
Debra Wilbur


Leonard Fahrni
Bob Gillis
Melinda Ho
Dawn Kramer
CHBA Alumna
Dan Leavitt
Missy Steinbock
Patrick Tillery

French Horn

Teresa Harvey
CHBA Faculty
Barbara Kuzera
CHBA Faculty
Kim George
Jenny Harvey
CHBA Alumna

Low Brass

Sharon Gayley
CHBA Faculty & Alumna
William Combs
Jeff Craig
Jeff Young


Dustin Arndt
Jake Bergeron
Rick Henson


Jean Dolph
Miriam Kapner
Gloria Ross
Linda Vogan
*Please keep in mind that we do not teach piano! We include these names only for your convenience.