Beginning Band

Q. Is it true that you offer the best music classes in Denver?
We sure think so! Our band program combines one-on-one coaching, instrumental master classes, full-group instruction, regular public performances, travel opportunities, and a curriculum that encourages leadership development. We have a wonderful, inclusive community, and serve over 200 happy families annually.

Q. What instruments do you teach?
A. We teach all Concert Band Instruments: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion (includes snare drum, bass drum, bells, xylophone, marimba,vibraphone, chimes, gong, timpani, etc.). We do not teach piano, guitar, or any other stringed instruments.

Q. My student isn’t sure which instrument to choose. Can you help?
A. Absolutely. First take a look at the Instruments We Teach and learn about the special features of each one! Depending upon an individual’s lip structure, certain instruments may be more suitable than others. If you attend one of our instrument demos in August, we will help your student to choose a suitable instrument. Alternatively, you may call Kolacny Music at 303.722.6081 to schedule a demo any time of year. Kolacny Music is located at 1900 S. Broadway (SE corner of Jewell and Broadway).

Required Supplies

Q. What are the required supplies?
A. All students are required to bring their instrument and any necessary accessory equipment, a music stand, a pencil, and their CHBA folder (with all of its contents) to every class. View the complete list of Required Supplies & Accessories.

Q. What do students wear at performances?
A. Different bands have different dress requirements. For a complete list, see Concert Attire.

Trip Band

Q. How often do you go on tour?
A. Our Trip Band goes on tour every few years, and we travel to both national and international destinations. Learn More About Trip Band.

Q. Is my student eligible to participate in Trip Band?
A. Students must be in Advanced Band or higher to join Trip Band. National tour participants must be going into 7th grade or higher, and international tour participants must be going into 8th grade or higher. All participants are required to attend CHBA Summer Camp the year of the trip.


Q. What is the cost to be a member?
A. Please visit our Tuition page for a details on our tuition fees.

Q. Are there fundraising opportunities for me to earn money towards my tuition fees?
A. Yes. We have several great options for you to Raise Funds For Your Personal Account.

Q. How can I pay?
A. We accept cash, e-check, check, and credit card. Please make checks payable to “CHBA” and write your student’s name on the memo line, especially if your student does not share your last name. No matter how you pay, please check your monthly CHBA statement for charges your student may have incurred by getting new books or other supplies.

Q. How does payment by e-check work?
A. After your first semester of participation, you will receive your new semester tuition invoices via email. Simply click the “Pay Now” button on your invoice, which takes you to a secure page that will prompt you for your  account and bank routing numbers. You can even choose to have your payment method saved for future transactions!

Q. When is payment due?
A. Payments are due prior to your student attending class. However, we bill prior to the semester and encourage parents to pay promptly so we know exactly which students to expect and have resources to fund our programs. You can contact our bookkeeper Anna, (anna_caldwell@cohonorband.org) for her to send you an invoice for you to pay. If you are on a monthly dues schedule, your payments are due by 10th day of each month.

Q. What if my family is having a financial crisis and I can’t afford band?
A. Please don’t let money stop you from having your student participate in CHBA. Always contact the office to discuss your many options. Many of our students participate in our Member Fundraising Programs throughout the year. Most are able to dramatically subsidize or completely cover their semester cost through fundraising.


Q. I’m interested in hosting a CHBA Beginning Band class at my school. Is that possible?
A. We love to bring our program into new communities, and we would love to hear from you and discuss your idea. Please Inquire Here.

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